Fulfill Your Divine Purpose! You Are
a Royal Priesthood, Kings and Priests,
unto our Lord!

Revealing Your Royal Priesthood

Sharing The Light Ministries
Welcomes You to Your Holy Call

Sharing The Light Ministries (STLM) is an apostolic-prophetic intercessory prayer ministry helping Christians worldwide find deeper purpose and meaning in their lives. We do this by showing them how to answer their holy calling by operating in their royal priesthood, king-priest ministry, who do the following:
Lord's Prayer and Tabernacle
Intercede for the Unsaved, Israel, and the Perfection of the Saints
Pray according to the Pattern of the Lord’s Prayer and Tabernacle
To fulfill this calling, we at (STLM) train believers on how to worship our Lord Jesus Christ through the Word of God and in “Divine Order”. Contact us today for more information.

Training Christians Worldwide

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Our Mission

Unite the Body of Christ in corporate worship as “One New Man” by teaching Christians how to minister in their holy calling as a royal priesthood, king-priests, unto our Lord.

Our Mission


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Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week